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Papa John's Franchisee Shutters 8 Restaurants

One unit reportedly operated by the franchisee remained open this week in Sacramento, but calls to the restaurants operators were not returned at press time. On the Papa papa johns promo codes Johns Pizza Facebook page, company officials said they were surprised to learn of the restaurant closures on Sept. 20. Papa Johns was surprised to learn yesterday that APNA Investments, a Sacramento-area franchisee, had made the sudden decision to close their restaurants, the post said. We are also disappointed that the franchisee cannot pay its employees their final paychecks; we encourage those affected to contact the franchise owners to determine their options. The company also will reach out to team members to offer guidance and possible assistance through a Franchise Team Member Relief Fund, the Facebook post said. Papa Johns International Inc., based in Louisville, Ky., operates or franchises more than 3,220 restaurants in North America and nearly 1,000 units in its 34-country international division. Contact Lisa Jennings at lisa.jennings@penton.com .
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I'm part of a growing subset of Americans who are interested in eating food that's free of strange, barely edible additives and food that doesn't taste like it's been manufactured to death. Perhaps one day Papa John's will honor us by actually publishing all of its ingredients. [Read: Why Is Everyone Always Giving My Kids Junk Food? ] Hungry for more? Write to eatandrun@usnews.com with your questions, concerns and feedback. Melanie Warner is a freelance journalist who writes about the food industry. Her book on processed food, Pandora's Lunchbox, was published by Scribner in February 2013. She has worked as a reporter for the New York Times, a senior writer at Fortune magazine, and a blogger for CBSNews.com. Melanie lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and their two boys.
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Brooklyn Papa John's pizza deliveryman slung cocaine on the side: cops

He was the best driver I got. He was clean, never high. He delivered pizza for Papa Johns in Brooklyn but cops said he made his real dough selling coke on the side. Deliveryman Ramon Rodriguez , 45, dropped off high-priced cocaine orders for years as he made the rounds in Sunset Park delivering pizza, cheesesticks and buffalo wings, according to police. He allegedly complained often about how his illegal side business was interrupting his pizza deliveries. RELATED: DAYS OF OUR LIVES STAR CHARGED WITH SELLING COCAINE DCPI Rodriguez was arrested Wednesday after allegedly selling undercover cops a kilo of cocaine worth $27,500 during a pizza run. A special narcotics prosecutor released this photo, evidence that a Brooklyn Papa John's pizza deliveryman was caught selling cocaine.
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